We help you to strengthen your resilience against the threats posed by today’s complex, dynamic and unpredictable operating environment. These threats range from criminal acts committed by people outside and inside the organisation through error or accident. Those responsible for containing these threats also face the challenge of integrating traditional physical safety and security countermeasures with their 21st Century “cyber” counterparts.

Organisations are moving from “acceptable risk” to “adequate resilience” by deploying smarter, more proactive measures so they can roll with the punch, keep the business going and even grow stronger from the experience.

Our services include:

• assessing threats using novel risk-modelling methods •
• designing, building and deploying threat countermeasures (new or enhancements) •
• planning for and managing the aftermath of an incident (business continuity) •
• learning from incidents and adapting countermeasures to cope with new realities •
• security - governance, risk, compliance (GRC) •
• cyber security •

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